What happened to the Stamford Welland Arts Society banner?


The Welland Valley Arts Society holds two major exhibitions at the Stamford Arts Center each year: one in the spring and one in the fall.

To publicize these displays we have placed colorful banners throughout the town, a large one on the railings of The Meadows and smaller ones on the railings at the sides of the roads leading to Stamford.

For the past three exhibitions at least we have placed a banner on the railings leading from Empingham Road to the southbound A1, which can be easily seen by incoming traffic in Stamford. See photo of railings and banner.

The banner that disappeared (60424641)
A banner has disappeared from these railings (60424639)
A banner has disappeared from these railings (60424639)

However, at the recent exhibition, someone removed our banner from the railings and did not notify us. These are really nice and expensive banners and we would love to get them back.

Coincidentally this year our banner was right next to the large photo of Adele Tribute announcing the Corn Exchange concert on October 7th. Apparently the Corn Exchange was called by a member of Highways England, who run the suspenders, saying the banner shouldn’t be there so the Adele banner was taken down. We have not been able to determine who took Adele’s photo and whether he took down our banner as well.

Cartoon by John Elson sponsored by The Assist Group (60385487)
Cartoon by John Elson sponsored by The Assist Group (60385487)

We would like to solve this mystery and ask anyone who has seen our banner removed or has other relevant information to please contact us on 01780765480.

David and Barbara Allen



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