Watch Benedict Cumberbatch stroll through a comic book store disguised as Doctor Strange



Healthy content alert: Benedict Cumberbatch, in full Doctor Strange outfit, decides that Marvel Studios filming is in progress Doctor strange he’s going to a nearby comic book store in New York. Wouldn’t you do the same if you had the chance?

Doctor strange Director Scott Derrickson shared a video of the moment on his Twitter, explaining that it was a “never-before-seen moment.”

“While filming in Manhattan right outside a comic book store, I spontaneously suggested that Benedict come in and he agreed,” he writes.

In the video, Benedict walks into the store – JHU Comic Books – explaining that he has decided to “get off the shelf” and say hello to everyone. But, there is no time to hang around, as Derrickson’s voice can be heard in the background saying that they have to get back to work and make a movie!

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