Walsall’s only independent bookstore threatened with closure



The final chapter could focus on Walsall’s only independent bookstore.

Southcart Books of Lower Hall Lane faces the prospect of having to shut down for good due to vet bills.

Owner Scott Southey’s seven-year-old border collie, Charleigh, has been in intensive care and unless he and co-owner Amy Carter raise enough money next week, they will have to shut down.

Scott, 42, of Palfrey, said: “It’s a very stressful time. This shop is our baby. We built it from scratch and invested our money in it. We want to sink in, but if we don’t have money, we don’t have money.

Scott Southey and his partner Amy Carter, who run Southcart Books in Walsall

“The store had been quiet anyway, we were waiting for people to start doing their Christmas shopping.

“It’s touch and it’s gone for us now. She (Charleigh) was in intensive care last Monday. She kept getting sick and we didn’t know why.

“After many tests, we were told she was diabetic. Fortunately, she is back home now and is recovering very well.

Scott Southey and Amy Carter

“We had insurance but the limit is £ 2,000 and we hit it on the third day. She had to stay with day vets and night vets. Overnight is £ 500 per night.

“That pretty much did us. We had to close the store while we were taking care of her, so we were spending money and getting nothing.

“Over the next seven to nine days, we have to get back what we have lost.

Southcart Bookstore

“If the worst came to the worst, I should become a white van and try to sell some of the stock and then trade online, but it’s not ideal.”

Anyone wishing to help Southcart Books or make a donation can do so through their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pg/southcartbooks/posts/



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