Video | Crowd riots force premature end to GLORY 80 event, promotion releases statement

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GLORY 80 was canceled on Saturday night following a riot of hooligans at the event which raised safety concerns.

In one of the most bizarre combat sports moments of the year so far, GLORY Kickboxing was forced to suspend an event in Belgium due to ongoing crowd issues. It happened in the co-main event between Arkadiusz Wrzosek and Badr Hari when, after a second-round knockdown, things started to heat up – with Wrzosek’s supporters seemingly at the forefront of the issues.

After chairs were thrown and fights started, GLORY made the executive decision to cancel the rest of the show.

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They released the next statement yesterday after a first night out.

Over the past 10 years, GLORY has successfully hosted safe, world-class events in dozens of cities and countries around the world. In preparation for and during the GLORY 80 event at the Trixxo Arena in Hasselt, Belgium, GLORY has worked with local authorities and taken all necessary measures to ensure on-site safety precautions and procedures.

Unfortunately, a group of ill-intentioned individuals attended the event last night. They exhibited dangerous behavior during the event. With full respect for public safety and at the request of local authorities, GLORY has stopped the event. This was the first time such an incident has occurred at a GLORY event, and we would like to report that with today’s knowledge, all event attendees are safe and no one has was seriously injured. The safety of all attendees and attendees has always been and always will be GLORY’s top priority.

We are deeply saddened that these irresponsible actions ruined the evening for everyone: from the fighters to the viewers, to the 7,000 fans, as well as the staff and partners of GLORY who participated in the sold-out Trixxo Arena which was supposed to be part of a special night. These individuals have attempted to tarnish the image of the sport that we and millions of fans around the world love and cherish. This type of behavior has no place in our sport or at our events.

Over the next few days, GLORY will conduct a full investigation into this incident in conjunction with local authorities. We will take all necessary measures and apply the most severe sanctions, including legal proceedings, to any person who has participated, directly or indirectly, in any wrongdoing.

Finally, GLORY will communicate by e-mail the actions that will be implemented for GLORY pay-per-view customers next week. »

Can GLORY survive this PR disaster?

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