Tyca Youth Festival Receives Arts Society Taunton Grant


ARTS Taunton has received a £250 grant from the Arts Society Taunton for the elder’s Tyca Youth Festival, which enables young people to showcase their artistic talents.

Society chairman Jane Barrie said: “The Arts Society Taunton is delighted to support local young people in promoting the arts in its widest form and wishes Tyca every success in their performances.”

The festival, in its fourth year, has weathered the pandemic and more music and theater performances are scheduled for the Tacchi Morris Arts Center and the Brewhouse Theater from March 3-6.

Julie O’Donnell, Chief Administrator of Arts Taunton, said: ‘Arts Taunton is grateful to a ‘sister’ arts organisation, The Arts Society Taunton, for supporting us in our work with young people.

“The Arts Society‘s focus on community means their grant will be used to provide local youth with the long-awaited opportunity to perform the performances they had planned and worked so hard for over the past year. .

“The arts are an important medium in which they can express themselves and this year we will encourage engagement in activities based on the programme, with a view to a major performance in 2023.”

For more details on Tyca’s performances, visit tycafestival.co.uk


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