Titles from the university library: 30.09.2022


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QB Aidan O’Connell ‘playing time decision’ for Saturday at Minnesota – Reuters

Notebook: Purdue’s last outdoor victory in Minnesota? Nixon was President – GoldandBlack.com

Match preview: Purdue-No. 21 Minnesota – GoldandBlack.com

Purdue defense challenged by lack of depth in secondary – GoldandBlack.com

The 3-2-1: check under the hood a month into the season – GoldandBlack.com

B1G pick: Michigan is the lone favorite on the road. Can he cover in Iowa? – GoldandBlack.com

Northwestern unveils plans for new Ryan Field – WildcatReport.com

College football playoff expansion: what we know, what we don’t know and what’s next – SI.com

The performances, miracles and dumpster fires that defined September – SI.com

Does college football have an attendance problem? – yahoo.com

10 undefeated college football teams that still remain mysteries – USAToday.com

Purdue football in Minnesota: who has the advantage – JCOnline.com

Expanding college football playoffs could put early rounds competing with NFL for viewership – CBSSports.com


Hoops Gallery: First Official Workout – GoldandBlack.com

The teams that won’t return to the big dance – CBSSports.com


#5 Purdue targets Illinois, Rutgers – PurdueSports.com

Invitation Joe Piane on deck – PurdueSports.com

The boilers draw the shellers – PurdueSports.com

Graduate transfers bring experience to fifth-ranked Purdue volleyball – JCOnline.com

Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre’s charity donated to University of Southern Mississippi Athletic Foundation as he lobbies for public funds – ESPN.com

Purdue students hold solidarity rally for IU unions – Exhibitor.com



Jay Mackey (1944) Center, Football

Ron Rybarczyk (1948) Linebacker, Football

Kevin Motts (1957) Linebacker, Football

Bob DeBesse (1959) Assistant Coach, Football

Christan Graham (1984) Cornerback, Football

Logan Link (1988) Security, Soccer

Willie Lane (1998) defensive line, football


Joe Battaglia (1958) Offensive guard, football

Kevin Stallings (1960) Guard, men’s basketball

David Edgerton (1977) Quarterback, football

Ryne Smith (1989) Guard, basketball


Jim Colletto (1944) Head Coach, Football

Dan Smith (1954) running back, football

Dale Schwan (1957) Offensive Guard, Football

Steve Powell (December 2018) (1972) Attacking tackle, Football

Greg McQuay (1976) Center, men’s basketball

Ron Mason (1977) Wide Receiver, Football

Isaac Haas (1995) Center, basketball

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