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KATHMANDU, April 6: The World Bank has pledged to support the government’s efforts to promote employment in the country.

The World Bank made this commitment during a courtesy visit paid to the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security by its delegation led by the Bank’s Regional Director, Lynne Benz.

On occasion, issues related to the effectiveness of WB-funded projects were also discussed, according to the secretariat of the Ministry of Labour.

Minister Shrestha said the WB’s support has been spectacular in implementing the strategy adopted by the government for the promotion of internal employment.

Minister Shrestha thanked the Bank for supporting the Youth Employment and Transformation Initiative project under the Prime Minister’s Employment Program to create job opportunities for the youth in the country.

The World Bank has supported the improvement of an integrated employment management information system bringing together the personal data of the unemployed, their knowledge, skills and experience, the field of potential employment, the demand and the labor market supply.

On the occasion, Minister Shrestha stressed the need for additional support to promote sustainable employment of people, develop useful infrastructure for unemployed, disadvantaged and targeted beneficiaries and provide human resources by aligning the demand of the Marlet.

In response, WB Regional Director Lynn expressed the bank’s readiness to support Nepalese living underprivileged and vulnerable lives in collaboration with government, development partners and the private sector. Lynn further said that the Bank would support the implementation of the government’s policy to promote national employment.

Also on the occasion, the National Program Manager of the Prime Minister’s Employment Programme, Dandu Raj Ghimire, shared the program implemented under the project and its progress.



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