The Raven Book Store Bestsellers for March 1, 2022 (Sponsored Post) – The Lawrence Times


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Note from The Times: This bestseller list comes directly to us from The Raven’s Bookstore to Lawrence. See other editions of the list here.

Looking at this week’s bestsellers, I’m struck by how many ways a book can end up on our list. Sure, there are big new releases (3, 4, 6), staff picks that find their audiences (7, 9), and new classics (8). But there are also older books people are coming back to after book bans (2) and TikTok favorites (a two-way tie for 10).

Still, the most proven way to land on our list is to be a fantastic book with a local connection, as Lawrence authors Jennifer Raff and Meg Heriford demonstrate with their #1 and #5 positions, respectively.


1. Jennifer Raff, Origin: A Genetic History of the Americas

2. Art Spiegelmann, Maus, a tale of survivors: my father bleeds history

3. Sarah J. Maas, House of Heaven and Breath

4.Marlon James, Moon Witch, Spider King

5. Meg Heriford, Ladybug, collected

6. Chuck Klosterman, The 90s: a book

7. Jean Darnielle, Devil’s House

8. Robin Wall Kimmerer, Sweetgrass Braiding: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and Plant Teachings

9. Yoshimoto Banana, Moshi Moshi

10. Madeleine Miller, Song of Achilles

10. Edward Powys Mather, Cain’s jaw


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