The Automobile Fine Arts Society prepares for the 2018 Pebble Beach exhibit



You’ve worked hard this year preparing for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, haven’t you? Your Sunday best is steamed and squeezed. The shoes were shining and the spiders were shaking your boater hat. Your favorite watch is wound up, your Mid-Century roadster is detailed to perfection, and your event pass envelope is as thick as a book. Here’s something you might have missed: Make sure you free up some space on the wall (or desk). After all, you will have to pay a visit to the annual meeting Automobile Fine Arts Society exhibition, located right next to the 18th hole.

For the past 30 years, the exclusive members of AFAS have organized a large pop-up gallery parallel to the competition, offering participants the opportunity to experience automotive beauty on a smaller, more interpretive scale. Hundreds of works are on display, ranging from dynamic and clean sculptures to impressionist paintings of legendary runners in action. If you’ve been there last year, don’t worry about seeing the same things, attendees are required to exhibit at least three never-shown pieces.

According to AFAS Secretary-Treasurer Jay Koka, his role as the first show is a big part of the appeal. “It’s a new exhibition of works, it’s crucial,” Koka said in an interview. “We want someone who has seen St. Johns work [concours] last month to see what’s new from the same guy at Pebble. “

Much of the performers in attendance are existing AFAS members, but the annual show is the best chance to join the team for those who are interested. During the year, AFAS collects nominations from artists, allowing a handful to strut around the Pebble Beach show. Out of twenty candidates, seven new artists were selected, coming from all over the world. Three are from Japan, two from the United States, one from France and one from Germany.

Monterey Car Week is hectic, but luckily it’s hard not to find time for AFAS. The show takes place in a large marquee parallel to the Pebble Beach Contest on Sunday, August 26, so you have no excuse not to stop by.



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