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A CAMPAIGN to raise funds for a new historic sculpture for Wokingham gives the definitive answer to the question, but is it art?

Members of The Arts Society Wokingham have thrown their support behind The Arc, which is to be created by international artist Nicola Anthony, who has also worked with Stephen Spielberg on previous projects.

To see the project become a reality, Arts4Wokingham is looking for £200,000 in donations. Not a penny comes from Wokingham Borough Council, meaning every donation, no matter how small, is welcomed by the charity.

And the Arts Society is one of the funders.

Alison Sanders, president of the group, said her support stems from her desire to see the arts part of the fabric of the borough.

“While the Arts Society Wokingham is renowned in Wokingham for its monthly lectures, tours and study days, it is also very keen to see the arts practiced and celebrated in Wokingham through activities like its Young Arts programme”, she explained.

“We are therefore delighted to support Arts4Wokingham in commissioning The Arc, a historic statement about Wokingham and its people, by international artist Nicola Anthony.

“This major public work of art will be a starting point for children and visitors to know what Wokingham is all about.

“The Arts Society is proud to be associated with Arts4Wokingham’s ambitions to bring more public art to Wokingham, as this first commission shows.”

The support is welcomed by Robin Cops, the vice-president of Arts4Wokingham.

“We thanked Alison for the Society’s generous contribution. We are delighted that the Arts Society is delighted to have its name associated with this first major work of public art created in Wokingham by Arts4Wokingham.

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