Talented Russian “iPad Artist” Wins New Cirencester Arts Society Award


A Russian-born artist, who creates much of her work on an iPad, has been announced as the first recipient of a new annual Cirencester Arts Society award.

Nadja Ryzhakova won the first John Benjamin Palmer Memorial Trophy for the best painting by a member of society.

The award was named after a former member who died in June 2014 and presented by renowned artist Jake Sutton in his gallery in Fairford.

Jake, a graduate of St Martin’s School of Art, has exhibited in London since 1979 and has personally criticized the work of the 40 contest entrants.

He said: “Nadja received the award for the two paintings she submitted.

“The qualities that I admired were on the one hand the attack and mastery of painting in its landscape and on the other hand the originality and successful use of painting and collage in the self-portrait.

“These works have combined to reveal considerable talent and I wish him good luck in his future work. ”

Nadja, based in Cirencester, moved to the area last year and works from her home studio in experimental mixed media, combining painting with tailoring as well as traditional acrylic and oil painting.

She obtained a diploma in production of monumental and decorative art in Moscow in 2009, then moved to London in 2010 where she discovered the iPad as a creative medium.

Art on the iPad has since become her new form of artistic engagement, which she defines as “iPainting”.

Since then, she has been recognized by the national press and television, as well as by various arts organizations, and leads a series of workshops on iPainting at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

She said: “Jake Sutton is a man of genius.

“Fabulous drawings and paintings. I am so happy to have had this chance to meet him in person. It was very inspiring for me. ”

For more information on Nadja’s work, visit: ipainting.pro

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