Student-led groups shine at Lafayette Arts Society’s a capella party – The Lafayette


The Lafayette College Arts Society brought together its five student-led a cappella groups alongside three guest groups for a harmonious evening of music at the Williams Center for the Arts last Saturday.

The 18the The Society for the Arts’ annual Evening of A Cappella concert celebration hosted Chorduroys by Lafayette, Cadence, Mar-Keys, Soulfege and A Very Large Trio, who made their concert debut, in addition to Muhlenberg’s Chaimonics, OrphanSporks by Rutgers and Lehigh’s A Whole Step Up.

According to Arts Society President Lizzie Gumula ’22, members of Cadence and Chorduroys requested an annual concert at the Williams Center for the Arts to showcase the a cappella talent of Lafayette groups in the early 2000s., the Williams Center dedicates its stage one night a year to celebrating the various a cappella groups on campus.

Gumula described this year’s concert as particularly remarkable.

“There were so many new members that a cappella groups got together. For many bands, this was half the first time their band had organized a concert or a cappella performance. So, it was very special. I feel that our talent has just grown every year, ”said Gumula.

Historically, the concert has been used as a fundraiser to benefit two campus initiatives. The first of these is Friends of Lafayette A Cappella, which funds special projects for a cappella groups, including recording albums, tours and competitions. The second initiative is the Daniel P. O’Neil ’06 Foundation, named in honor of Daniel P. O’Neil ’06, victim of the Virginia Tech shooting. The foundation supports the end of studies projects of engineering students, generally favoring engineering students who also have a project that intersects with the arts.

This year, the proceeds from the concert will also go to a third cause. Announced at last month’s percussion ensemble concert and named after the head of the music department and soon to be retired professor Stockton, the recently established Larry J. Stockton scholarship allows students to explore their musical interests. without having to register for courses to obtain academic credits, playing with an Ensemble from the music department or being major or minor in music.

Ticket sales for this year’s concert raised a total of $ 2,098 for these three initiatives.

According to Peter Canevari, ’23, president of the Chorduroys, returning from a virtual semester where music groups on campus had little opportunity to perform and rehearse posed some temporary challenges for the group.

“There were a lot of things we hadn’t done in a year and a half, and a lot of people had graduated. So we were trying to put the pieces back together in terms of logistics, learning music. I think we’re in the right place now, ”Canevari said. “We were so excited to play the other night. We are so happy to be able to come together as a band again and rehearse and spend time with each other because we are all performers in the same band, but we are also all very close friends.

While all Lafayette a cappella groups have different styles and tastes, it’s so much fun for all of us to come together for an evening to celebrate each other and put on a great show for our peers,Said Annie Krege ’23, musical director of Cadence.

For Meredith Forman ’24, the Music Director of Soulfege, it was an exciting experience to be able to perform again after an almost two-year hiatus due to COVID-19.

“It was amazing to not only be able to sing with our own band, but also to hear the other bands on the Lafayette campus. It was also nice to meet people from different schools who liked the same thing as us and to hear them sing, ”added Forman. “It was just a really great community of people behind the scenes that we all got to listen to, talk to and share stories about our songs with.”


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