Street art, the subject of the next Sedgemoor Arts Society conference



STREET Art, the biggest artistic movement since pop art, is the subject of The Arts Society Sedgemoor (TASS) October conference.

President Doug Gillen’s talk, titled ‘Hidden Canvases’, is a beginner’s guide to this fascinating movement that expresses politics, emotions and every possible nuance of opinion.

He will explore the key stages in the growth of street art by examining the different elements and styles that make up “the scene without rules”.

Doug is heavily involved in documenting the street art scene in London and abroad through his Fifth Wall TV project, and can offer a real insight into this world.

When he’s not filming, he’s an East End Tour Guide for Alternative London, specializing in culture and art.

The pictorial conference will be held at 37 Club, between Woolavington and Puriton, on October 6, with the doors to the conference room open at 2 p.m. for a start at 2:15 p.m.

Bar 37 Club is open in advance for drinks, although food is not yet available.

Street Art talk is part of TASS’s 2021 program, which is funded by membership fees; non-members are welcome to register for £ 8

Full information about TASS and its future events can be found at



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