Sports journalists play a vital role in promoting sports in Pakistan


PESHAWAR, (APP – UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – October 27, 2022): The service of the Pakistan Sports Federation, especially the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sports Writers Association for the promotion of sports in the country could not be refused, and holding training programs for young journalists would help to explore hidden talent.

Squash legend and former world champion Qamar Zaman and former sports minister and senior vice-president of the Pakistan Olympic Association Syed Qaqil Shah expressed these views during the session of the “Young Reporters Training Program Sports Writers” organized by the Sports Writers Federation of Pakistan in collaboration with sports writers. Association, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The former sports minister said he was grateful to the FSWF for giving young sports writers the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills.

Addressing young reporters on this occasion, he said they should learn from their elders and take full advantage of this opportunity. He said that thanks to the efforts of these journalists, the quality of sports reporting in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was much better than in other provinces.

According to him, the services of the Association of Sports Writers were unknown to no one, it was now up to young sports writers to work for the promotion of sports and to always get into the habit of writing positive reviews so that “the facts may also be revealed”. because the defects found in sports facilities can be corrected”.

“Don’t try to do yellow journalism, it damages the reputation of the sport and of the journalist himself,” he added.

Speaking on the occasion, legendary squash player Qamar Zaman also gave a talk to young journalists and said that no sport in any country could be promoted without sports journalists, adding: “No matter how good a player, he can’t be exposed to the world if he doesn’t have the best media coverage”.

He pointed out that Pakistan specifically KP has introduced big names in the field of sports, in the same way, sports writers have also won a name internationally, whose “living example is the Secretary General of the Association of Asian sports writers, Amjad Aziz Malik”.

He advised young sports journalists to go out and report on their own and not depend on others saying “unless you’re sitting on the court and you don’t know the nuances of the game, you don’t can’t understand a game like squash”.

Senior journalist Arshad Aziz Malik shared his international experiences with the budding writers and also taught them the tricks of reporting on big events with speed.

Former association president and senior sports journalist Ijaz Khan also briefed the new journalists on his experiences and encouraged them to work continuously with enthusiasm.


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