Signs that your partner suffers from erotophobia


Many people silently struggle with their fears. There’s a kind of shame and embarrassment to admitting you have certain phobias, especially when it comes to sensitive topics like sex and intimacy.

A fear that people are not aware of is erotophobia. There are different types, but it can generally be described as an irrational fear of intimacy. This is a physiological struggle that can affect your relationships, both romantic and non-romantic, as well as your sex life.

People with erotophobia need a lot of support and your partner could be one of them. One of the main root causes is traumatic experiences, specifically sexual abuse, but it can also stem from religious and cultural beliefs that make someone feel guilty or anxious about intimacy.

This condition can manifest in different ways, but these are common signs that indicate your partner needs therapy.

They avoid intimacy

When you’re in a romantic relationship, you expect things like sex and physical contact to happen organically. It’s easy for most people, but for someone who suffers from erotophobia, it’s a big struggle.

You may notice them avoiding sex and physical affections like kissing, cuddling, and cuddling because it triggers them. If you are unaware of this, you might judge them or take it the wrong way when they are actually having psychological battles.

They find it hard to enjoy sex

It’s normal to have days when you’re not in the mood. But it’s different for people with erotophobia because it will happen often.

This struggle can cause problems like erectile dysfunction in men and painful sex in women. It could be a sign of how they have been affected psychologically by this condition.

People with erotophobia need a lot of support [Courtesy]

They don’t like to be emotionally vulnerable

Erotophobia can also affect someone’s personality. It could make you more reclusive and introverted, which will impact your relationships in general.

If your partner has trouble opening up to you and others, that could be a sign. You can also tell if they don’t have many friends or close relationships with other people in their lives.

They avoid talking about sex

You can also tell by the way they approach sex. When you’re with someone you love, you naturally have a positive attitude about your sex, but for someone with erotophobia, there will be either hesitation or total avoidance.

The thought of sex triggers anxiety and fear and that’s why it feels better for them to avoid talking about it altogether.

They struggle with self-esteem

This problem affects different areas of your life, including your perception of self-esteem. This can cause you to dislike your body physically, which is another sign that indicates erotophobia.

Your partner might often make negative comments about their body and you’ll notice that they don’t like being seen naked.

You may have thought it was just self-esteem issues, but when this sign is combined with others on this list, you might better understand the root cause.

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