shuttering operations of the Airdrie Regional ARTS Society; donates funds to food bank –


In a press release, the Board of Directors of the Airdrie Regional ARTS Society announced its closure.

“ARTS had purchased a gallery hanging system which was placed in the Bert Church Theater for the purpose of displaying the creations of local artists. ARTS administered this program and several local artists presented their artistic creations over the ARTS will now donate this gallery pendant.System to the Bert Church Theater in hopes that it will continue to feature exclusively local artists on its walls.”

The release adds that although they have divested all of their assets, they will donate all funds from the sale of those assets, a total of $5,066.51, to the Airdrie Food Bank.

“Even though ARTS has ceased operations, we know that the arts community will continue to grow and thrive. There are many talented up-and-coming artists in the Airdrie community who can still be followed through various social media platforms. administration says its final goodbye, we all hope that, like the Phoenix, an arts association will once again be established for the good of all.

ARTS was originally established to create a community of artists from Airdrie and the region, to share their ideas, talents and friendships and to help grow the artistic community of Airdrie. Over the past few years, it has become increasingly difficult, through very trying global situations, to foster the growth and flourishing of an artistic community.

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