Saint Lucia hosts training session on early childhood health promotion

Saint Lucia hosts training session on early childhood health promotion

Castries, Saint Lucia: Babonneau’s early childhood development providers receive training and tools to support healthy outcomes for young children. The Health Education Office of the Department of Health, Welfare and Senior Citizenship has recently conducted health promotion assessments at a number of early childhood development centers with the aim of promote healthy behaviors in young children.

In response to the assessments, the ministry began to implement a series of training sessions to meet identified needs.

The training sessions aim to build the capacity of early childhood development providers in their approach to ensuring the health and well-being of the children in their care.

Family Life Educator Laurentia Maylor spoke about the need to undertake this workshop.

“This was born out of a need that exists in the region. When discussing with the suppliers, some issues arise and we realize that there is a gap and the need to fill the gap and hence the reason why the workshop started. This workshop, we hope that by the end of it, providers will have the skills as well as the education to better meet the needs of these young children in their care. »

Maylor says other early childhood development providers on the island will also gain the knowledge and skills to help them ensure healthy practices in children.

“We hope that we will implement this workshop in other areas of the island, and in doing so, we believe that we will have this standard information so that everyone builds this capacity to do what they do better in terms of working with children. ”

The training covered areas such as nutrition for preschool children, the small vegetable garden, stress management and vaccinations, to name a few.


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