Roo Irvine: BBC antiques expert to speak at the Arts Society open day in Helensburgh


Residents of HELENSBURGH are invited to join in the celebrations marking 25 years of an arts group’s presence in the city.

The Arts Society Lomond and Argyll is holding a Silver Anniversary Open Day in the town on Tuesday 14th June.

The event, at Victoria Halls, will give non-members a chance to find out more about the organization, what it does, and possibly join ahead of its 2022-23 season.

As part of the open day, non-members can attend the final lecture of this season – a whirlwind tour covering 9,000 years of glass and its impact on everything from art and architecture to cultural beliefs and self-identity – and witness the unveiling of a Society of Arts plinth in the open-air museum in Colquhoun Square.

The lecture will be presented by BBC presenter, broadcaster and antiquities expert Roo Irvine – who is not just a member of the society, but the committee member who is responsible for its publicity.

The Helensburgh Open Air Museum features a series of sculptures mounted on pedestals around Colquhoun Square

Roo said: ‘The Arts Society, Lomond and Argyll has been in existence for 25 years, but we discover thousands of years of history, art and culture through our fascinating lectures, given by highly esteemed and renowned speakers. world.

“We are delighted to celebrate our 25th anniversary and invite the public to join us on such a special day. Come discover who we are, what we do and how the arts can enrich us all. We look forward to seeing you.”

The Arts Society is a leading arts education charity with a global network of over 380 societies, bringing people together around a common curiosity for arts and crafts. The Helensburgh branch was established in 1997.

Members benefit from monthly conferences given by specialists, as well as study days, educational visits and cultural holidays.

Society members also support the local community with volunteerism and their Young Arts program.

Lectures are held during the fall, winter and spring on the second Tuesday of each month at the Victoria Halls at 10.30am.

Roo Irvine will give the Arts Society Lomond and Argyll 2021-22 Season Finale Lecture as part of the band's Open Day on June 14

Roo Irvine will give the Arts Society Lomond and Argyll 2021-22 Season Finale Lecture as part of the band’s Open Day on June 14

The group’s open day on June 14 begins at 10 a.m., with Roo’s lecture – “Mirror, mirror on the wall: the evolution of glass” – from 10:30 a.m., with the unveiling of the plinth at 12:15 p.m.

Roo added, “As one of the oldest man-made materials, glass occupies an important place in our daily lives.

“This lecture invites you to look at glass with new eyes, while traveling from ancient Egypt, to 14th century Venice and Victorian England.

“It also examines the invention of the mirror 8,000 years ago and its impact on our art, our architecture, our antiquities, our culture, our psychology and our own priceless identity.

“The lecture provides a thought-provoking look at a material, long taken for granted, but magical in itself.”

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