Promoting education key to national progress: Mazafar

Bashir Ahmad Rehmani

Member of the Punjab Provincial Assembly, Dr. Mazafar Ali Sheikh said that libraries are the custodians of past culture and the hall of record of any civilization as well as they play a vital role in disseminating knowledge and the transfer of the value of past culture between peoples.

He voiced these views during his visit to the Hafizabad district public library on Saturday. He said that promoting education was essential for the progress and prosperity of the country and that the current government would focus on promoting quality education in the country.

While expressing his satisfaction with the arrangement of books and the cleanliness of the library, he said that the Hafizabad district public library was the best facility for the people of the region. He promised that every effort would be made to ensure the provision of new facilities and to transform this library into a center of information and knowledge.

Moreover, in order to provide employment opportunities for special children after completing their education and training in the private sector, the Hafizabad district administration and the embroidery association have developed a first in its nature and program revolutionary. So that special children can earn a respectable living instead of indulging in social ills.

This was stated by Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Asif Raza during a ceremony held here. Director General of Education Javed Iqbal Babar, representatives of the embroidery association, the main special education school and civil society also attended the ceremony.

DC said that special children would become useful citizens of the country to provide employment opportunities and that special children were no less than other children because they had God-gifted abilities.


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