Poet Sarmad Chandio’s ‘extraordinary work’ in promoting Sindhi literature hailed


LARKANA: Speakers at a condolence conference paid tribute to the writer, researcher and poet Sarmad Chandio, who passed away last week, for his extraordinary contribution to Sindhi literature and his flawless art of versification.

The reference was held to commemorate the late Chandio at Arts Council Larkana under its Literature Department on Monday evening.

Professor Mukhtiar Samo, writer and founder of the Larkana Knowledge Center who chaired the gathering, said Chandio was a dedicated and tireless writer and researcher, who had written 75 books on poetry and prose equivalent to 75 years of his age. . Many books had yet to be published, he said.

Chandio was considered an authority on illm-e-Urooz and shandveidya, the prosody of versification, and two different structural techniques of composing different genres of poetry in Sindhi and other languages.

His work on the great Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai was one of a kind in which he tested couplets (baits) of Bhitai based on this technique and found them to be very perfect.

His novel on Bhitai had not yet been published that he had written during his lifetime. Chandio had produced many poetry students who had now gained great name and fame through their poetic works, he said.

Faqeer Paryal Dayo, General Secretary [central] from a faction of Sindhi Adabi Sangat, said Chandio had a special talent for composing geet and wai, two particular and original genres of Sindhi poetry.

Aziz Qasimani, son of Chandio who was a poet in his own right, said his father was among the pioneers of Sindhi poetry meter. His poetry was of great depth of thought and was an example of the art of flawless verse, he said.

Dr. Ahsan Danish said that Chandio’s poetry was a conglomeration of classical and modern traditions of Sindhi poetry.

Adil Abbasi said that Chandio was very vocal in his thinking, which showed in his poetry and other literary works. He was also a good speaker who spoke fluently and persuasively on any literary topic, he said.

Professor Jam Jamali, former secretary of the Arts Council, said Chandio’s contribution to the richness of Sindhi literature will be forever remembered.

Dr. Riaz Buriro said that Chandio was very active in progressive politics in his past, but when he came to literature he didn’t look back and did a tremendous amount of literary work.

Dr. Preh Sakina Gaad said they learned a lot from Chandio at many literary gatherings. Her speeches were full of information and inspired everyone in the audience, she said.

Malhar Sindhi, chairman of the Arts Council’s literature department, said it was obligatory for them to pay tribute to writers, who selflessly worked for the advancement of literature, during their lifetime.

Among others who spoke on the occasion were; Professor Ghulam Hussain Katpar, Sattar Hullio, Panjal Sangi, Ustad Gul Dayo, Hubdar Totani, Madhosh Bhutto, Koral Kurbdar, Saleem Raza Kumhar, Saleh Abbasi, Ashfaque Chandio, Punhal Jagirani, Deedar Shaikh and Sughar Dado Dittal Abro.

Posted in Dawn, July 27, 2022


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