Parental Rights Group Receives Thousands of Warnings About Transgender Promotion in Schools


The indoctrination of transgender children is a national threat, said Parents Defending Education President Nicole Neily.

Between 50 and 200 parents contact his organization each week because their schools teach classes that promote transgenderism, critical race theory and other liberal ideas.

This year, about half of the advice she received was about schools teaching transgender, she said. But in the past, most complaints were about teaching related to critical race theory.

“These kinds of classes are happening coast to coast,” Neily said. “Why are these militants so attached and determined to wrest the innocence of our children from them?”

Nicole Neily performing at the Federalist Society on Feb. 28, 2022. (Courtesy of Parents Defending Education)

Across the country, American schools are promoting being transgender to young, suggestible children, she said. But parents are often afraid to fight back.

“They credibly fear reprisals, both against themselves and against their children,” she said.

Parents Defending Education is working to counter the nationwide campaign to promote far-left ideological ideas in schools, Neily said.

gender rehabilitation

Across the country, schools have changed the way they educate students about gender, Neily said. This change often happened without the knowledge of the parents.

“These are the types of discussions and decisions that many parents want to make on their own. They don’t want schools talking about these issues with their children,” she said.

Many schools even teach young children radical gender theory and transgender, she said. These teachings are often not limited to a single class. Instead, they permeate the entire program.

An Atlanta parent told him that when he tried to take his kindergarten out of sex education, administrators said it would be impossible, Neily said.

“The response from the school was, ‘Well, we can’t do that. It’s in everything,” she recalls. “’It’s in math. It’s in science. It’s in social studies. It’s in reading. He said, ‘Time out. Why are they teaching my child about gender in math class? »

Ideological gender education has quickly swept across America, even in communities that don’t want it, Neily said. She described the phenomenon as a “tidal wave” that trumps community choice.

“It removes the whole decision-making process from the community. It almost certainly does not align with the values ​​of many small towns,” she said.


Schools often hide radical indoctrination behind a screen of arcane terminology, Neily said. Its website offers explanations of typical terms and their meanings.

Often, courses titled “social and emotional learning” or “ethnic studies” encourage radical ideas like changing gender identity or seeing the world as a war between “good” and “bad” races.

To cut through this web of confusing terminology, parents need to ask the right questions, Neily said.

School board deviations can make parents look crazy.

“Maybe you say the wrong thing at one of those town hall meetings and all of a sudden you’re the neighborhood Q-Anon guy for the rest of your life,” she said.

Parents Defending Education also sue, file complaints and organize parents to fight hardline school policies, Neily said.

One of the group’s most powerful weapons is the media, she added.

When schools teach radical ideology in secret, there is little parents can do, Neily said. But the national media exposure is scaring local teachers and schools.

“It’s starting to force a level of accountability into the system that frankly didn’t exist before because a lot of these people were operating behind closed doors,” she said.

Jackson Elliot


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