‘Panchmahabhoot’ promotion at Center science conference draws criticism


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New Delhi: A group of scientists has sharply criticized a Union government-sponsored science conference for endorsing pseudoscience, such as “Panchmahabhoot” as the fundamental blocks of the universe instead of atoms and the existence of “the ‘ether’, which was rejected by modern science almost 150 years ago, the Deccan Chronicle reported.
However, according to the conference brochure, “The Panchmahabhoot, or five fundamental elements, are Agni (fire), Akash (sky), Vayu (air), Jala (water), and Prithvi (earth).”

Since even the ancient peoples (Indians and Greeks) were aware of the atom as the fundamental ingredient of matter, this effectively suggests that these five elements are fundamental in nature. The building blocks of all matter are now known to exist thanks to contemporary study, according to a statement from the India March for Science, an association of Indian scientists.

Given this information, the claim that Panchamahabhoot are the fundamental ingredient is likely to provoke disdain and even mockery from the international community as to the level of scientific understanding of India and its scientists.

“Vigyan Bharti” organization supported by Sangh Parivar is one of the organizers of the conference.
The conference, according to Union Minister Jitendra Singh last week, would demonstrate how ancient and modern knowledge can co-exist via deep integration of all schools of thought.

In fact, the idea of ​​a “luminiferous ether” – a substance that permeated all of space – was popular in the late 19th century. The Michelson-Morley experiment, which established that light travels at constant speed in all inertial frames and laid the foundation for the special theory of relativity, invalidated this idea, which had been completely rejected by the community. scientific for a very long time, the scientists claimed.


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