National Book Store promotes new name amid some customer complaints

Window of the National Book Store at Island Central Mall Mactan in Cebu, uploaded July 2, 2017 (Facebook/National Book Store)

A local brand that carries the nickname a customer gave it online.

National Bookstore told his customers on Sept. 19 to call him by his new name: “Nash.”

“Call me National, Nash for short #BalikSayaBalikNBS“, we read in the tweet.

The tweet took off. It had since garnered 203 retweets, 763 quote-retweets and 3,122 likes.

The hashtag “Nash” is also trending on Twitter Philippines.

So far, he has 14,500 tweets to his name.

NBS posted it after a customer complaint about its stores sparked some buzz on the microblogging platform.

The client called the bookstore chain “Nash.”

“Is it just me or are the stores in the national bookstore so depressing these days? School supplies are still lacking, inventories contain almost no novelties, and just the general feeling of emptiness abounds,” the user said.

“I remember when I was a kid going to Nash was always exciting because they had it all,” he added.

Some users mocked the nickname for hearing it for the first time.

“Ah so the conyos call it ‘Nash’ oo Idk if I’m old na or what but we called it NBS??” an user said.

A few users also said that it sounds like Filipino-invented names for other local brands.

Some Filipinos, meanwhile, expressed dismay at the Twitter account’s reaction to a customer’s criticism.

They also shared similar observations about their favorite NBS branches.

“I love National Bookstore with a passion because you still have to admit that some stores have signs of neglect. Case in point: your superstore Cubao. The second floor is my favorite because it has titles that aren’t usually carried in other pero branches APAKAINIT dun at DUSTY. Hay”, said a writer named Ryan Leyco Faura.

“Every time I play SM kami, I always end up going to NBS. When I was a kid, I used to stay there for about an hour to look at books and supplies. Unfortunately now pag bumabalik ako it’s always the same books and school supplies on the shelves so I lost interest na”, another user tweeted.

Some also reacted to NBS’s tweet about his so-called new nickname.

In the quote-retweets, they called on the company to restock its book supplies.

“Yes kasi halos wala nang books”, internist Jai Cabajar said.

“Nashaan na ang mga libro?” artist Kevin Raymundo (Tarantadong Kalbo) tweeted.

“More like National School Supplies Store chz”, another user joked.

In August 2020, the company debunked rumors circulating that some of its sites would be shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“While a small number of underperforming locations may be assessed for closure or reduction as part of our normal course of business, the vast majority of stores nationwide will remain open to meet your home schooling needs. , distance learning and working from home, with rigorous protocols in place to ensure your safety,” NBS said at the time.

Like other companies, however, it has adapted and promoted its products through its e-commerce platforms.

NBS products can be purchased through its official website National Library – National Library.

They can also be found through its stores at Lazada and Shopee.


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