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LAKEWOOD – The bookstore formerly known as Off the Beaten Path is inspired by Mr. Roger’s playbook and promotes good neighborliness.

The bookstore, 124 Chautauqua Ave., Lakewood, recently changed its name to Good Neighbor Bookstore to help promote understanding, kindness and good neighborliness. Bob Lingle, the owner of the bookstore, said he had been considering the idea of ​​a new name for the store for some time.

“I just kind of dropped the idea when we moved to our new location in August 2020,” he said. “The name came to mind last fall. I like Mr. Rogers, and we have a lot of Mr. Rogers stuff in the store.

Over the past four years, Lingle said the store has grown to include new products, events and a podcast called “Arming literacy.

He said it took some time to find the name in its final version.

“Much thought has gone into whether it should be, ‘The Good Neighbor Bookstore’ or ‘A Good Neighbor Bookstore’, but our name is not intended to declare that we are good neighbors, but that we strive to be good neighbors, want you to be good neighbors and to be a place where good neighbors can come together,” he said.

Lingle said he is always looking for new ways to collaborate and help local organizations.

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