KU Arts Society forms for a better on-campus experience


KUTZTOWN, PA – Comprised of community and academic volunteers who are dedicated patrons of the arts, the primary goal of the Kutztown University Arts Society is to help advance and support the visual and performing arts both at KU and in the surrounding community.

The Society’s mission is to ensure that future generations of KU students and community members can benefit from quality arts education and events, as public funding for the arts has started to grow. decrease. The Society hopes to perpetuate the long and rich history of the arts at KU, ensuring a bright and vibrant future rich in visual and performing arts for all.

“One of our goals in the development of the KU Arts Society is to ensure that there is an important role for the visual arts as well as for the performing arts,” said the president of the University. of Kutztown, Dr. Kenneth S. Hawkinson. “The Arts Society can help bring young people to special exhibitions, allow them to participate in arts events and come to campus and learn more about communication design. We want to inspire young people to go to museums and look for avenues in the visual arts, where they can become more informed and enlightened about our world.

“I’m also excited about the possibility of funding small grants to support things like an international quintet, to provide resources for faculty to do programs in the community, as well as to bring the community to campus,” said Hawkinson. . “There are so many opportunities that this Society will be able to offer to our university and our community as a whole. “

The Society, which was formed last year by university leaders, raises funds to support numerous arts programs, including the Promoting the Love of Arts for Youth (PLAY) series, KU Presents! events, KU art galleries, the President’s International Quintet, Kutztown Arts Academy, various arts programming grants and other major arts-based programs.

“One of the exciting things that the KU Arts Society brings to campus is the PLAY initiative,” said KU Presents Director Bryan Zellmer. “PLAY serves the school districts in our region: elementary, middle, high school and home school students. We want to bring this group to campus to experience the arts, and we also want to go out to their neighborhoods and bring professional artists to their schools. “

Funds are raised through individual donations, corporate sponsorships, and social fundraising functions, and recognition is given to all donors on the company website, regardless of the contribution. Other perks include early access to tickets, invitations to certain events and receptions, recognition in company publications, and even limited edition artwork.

The Kutztown University Arts Society is currently seeking members to join in the important effort to support the arts at KU, to ensure a positive and rich campus experience for students and community members.

“The KU Arts Society exposes students and young minds to ideas and experiences that are often not accessible every day,” said Ben Hoffman, professor of visual arts at Kutztown Area High School and president of KU Arts Society. “In doing so, we are providing these students with an opportunity that will improve in the future in the fields of music and art.”

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For more information or to join the Kutztown University Arts Society, please visit www.kutztownarts.org.

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