Jefferson Performing Arts Society Adopts CCPM Leadership

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METAIRIE — The Jefferson Performing Arts Society, a A 45-year-old performing arts nonprofit has taken over management of the Jefferson Performing Arts Center on Airline Drive.

The Jefferson Parish Council approved the RFP submitted by the Jefferson Performing Arts Society in March 2022 and approved the contract at its June 29 meeting.

“As Director of JPAC, we look forward to partnering with the parish and significantly improving the goals of reducing operating costs, improving the quality and level of service to the public and expanding the variety offerings made available in the venue,” said Stephen Dwyer, Chairman of the Board of JPAS.

One of the main objectives of JPAS will be to increase access for community use of the facility. “Through our strong ties to the parish community, we will expand access to use CCPM to a wide range of artists and community groups,” said Dwyer.

JPAS has over four decades of experience providing effective customer service specific to performing arts venues throughout Jefferson Parish. This unparalleled expertise will be applied to all JPAC offerings under JPAS management.

“JPAC is a world-class venue that has yet to approach its potential as a destination for leading artists and audiences in the cultural life and identity of the Parish and Southern Gulf. JPAS will bring its nearly five decades of experience in site activation to turn the tide. Beyond JPAS’ own productions, our staff network regionally, nationally and internationally with non-profit and commercial producers, promoters and artists and will aggressively seek to increase the quality and diversity of programming and the public profile of this great venue,” says Dwyer.

JPAS will proactively continue to use the site for corporate events and product launches, community events, and attendance at regional festivals – areas that have gone virtually untapped since the site opened.

In January 2020, JPAS added the position of Executive Director and appointed Timothy Todd Simmons, former Executive Director of New Orleans Opera and Naples Opera, to this position.


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