Haunted Peoria Bookstore Hosts Ghost Investigation



PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – The Book Rack in Peoria is known for its eclectic and hands-on reads, and, now, also for its friendly ghosts.

On Friday October 8, Host Ghost Paranormal Investigators conducted their second investigation into the store, trying to get in touch with what they say are spirits.

Stacy Hardin bought The Book Rack five years ago and said strange things have happened there since. Hardin says customers have noticed it, too.

“Books flying off the shelves, books mixed up on the shelves, doors that open and close,” Hardin said.

Hardin posted a Facebook post to the company’s website about his experience, and area ghost investigators were interested. Hardin said that’s where she met the Host Ghost team.

Nathan Sandoval, Host Ghost’s lead investigator for this project, says there is more than one mind.

“There are a lot of children’s spirits here in this bookstore,” Sandoval said. “There’s an old lady who’s also here and she’s walking back and forth in the hallway, and then there’s a cranky old man here too.”

Sandoval said the kids are very active and make up six of the eight spirits found in the store.

“They like to play games, shoot your shirts, hide, they make little noises,” Sandoval. “That’s why we’re here primarily to interact with them. “

Sandoval said they use a variety of equipment paired with smartphone apps that they say sense the energy and voices of spirits. He said these tools help them contact the ghosts, find out how and why they got there.

Hardin says that while it’s a little scary at times, she’s not afraid of ghosts. She and the investigators say they are friendly spirits.

“I tell all ghosts that you are welcome here as long as you behave well,” Hardin said.

Hardin and the team said they are planning ghost tours to The Book Rack in the near future. To learn more about the store and Host Ghost, visit their Facebook pages.



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