Fraserburgh Arts Society’s enthusiastic new hall will make 70th pantomime special


The Fraserburgh Junior Arts Society is holding auditions this week for its 70th annual pantomime production.

Formally launched in 1953, the group will celebrate their platinum jubilee year after the big production in December.

First presenting Humpty Dumpty as their first pantomime at Fraserburgh’s Old Picture House, the company will host this year’s extravaganza at their new venue at Fraserburgh Leisure Centre.

Sign offered by Dame Judi Dench

Lynne Fyvie, committee member and producer of Rapunzel this year, said the “new house” has brought its challenges.

Moving in in December last year, she added: ‘Because we’re in a new house, we had no seats, we had no lighting fixtures, no stage. We had to start from scratch. »

Help came in the most unexpected form from theater legend Dame Judi Dench after society secretary and nurse Lewis Platt was thanked by the star for his care of his relative.

Producers of this year’s pantomime Craig Rodgers and Lynne Fyvie in front of the Fraserburgh Junior Arts Society sign donated by Judi Dench. Provided by Lewis Platt.

After thanking Mr Platt in a video, Dame Judi and fellow star Joanna Lumley joined local businesses and residents in sponsoring seats at the venue and also donated a new sign.

Ms Fyvie said Dame Judi was very passionate about local theater and the ‘beautiful massive sign’ she gave had given society a ‘massive boost’.

New venue brings the “wow factor”

Speaking about the brand new pantomime being produced with colleague Craig Rodgers, Ms Fyvie said the new location would help bring the ‘wow factor’ to audiences.

“The recreation center just opened a lot more doors for us because it’s a much bigger venue,” the Fraserburgh resident added.

“We’ll have the wow factor of just going to a different level. Certainly with our sets because we didn’t have a lot of room off stage before and now we have a lot.

The new location opens more doors to new opportunities. Provided by Lewis Platt.

“On a production level, there is so much more we can do now. So it’s exciting for our audience to come and see.

The pantomime opens on December 12 for a week and will kick off a year of jubilee celebrations for the club.

Ms Fyvie, who has been with the company since she was a child, said it was “lovely” to start producing again.

The 49-year-old said: “I haven’t produced for a few years now so it’s just to dip my foot back in and find that confidence to step out of my comfort zone and do new things.

“And even though I’m a mom now, and your life changes, it just goes back to something I’ve always loved. It’s exciting.”

I want to give everyone that “goosebumps” moment

The mother-of-two started out in the Fraserburgh Junior Arts Society by coming to do her hair for shows.

Upon arrival, Ms Fyvie said: ‘I probably never felt I had a talent. But people at that time who were producing shows saw something in me that I had never seen.

A company that is an open door to people of all skill and experience levels. Provided by Lewis Platt.

“They gave me a lot of opportunities and I actually found my place in society and started doing choreography and dancing around that time.”

She added that it was a company “for everyone” at all skill and experience levels.

Ms Fyvie said: ‘My passion for society is for everyone to have the opportunity to have that moment of being on stage and having goosebumps and just being part of something bigger than yourself and do something for the community.

“We just want as many people to come and try. And it’s a great group to be involved with.

“We want people to have fun and if they want to try, please come along, our door is open to anyone who wants to try.”

Auditions take place this week on Thursday August 25 at 7 p.m. and Sunday August 28 at 2 p.m. and are open to anyone aged 12 and over.

Although the competition is tough, Ms Fyvie said they would make it fun and there would always be another role people could get involved in.

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[Fraserburgh Arts Society excited new venue will make 70th pantomime special]



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