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Forbidden Planet International will be opening a new comic shop in the North of England, namely Hull city center on 21st November for my fiftieth birthday. Well, maybe not because of that, but still. They will have a grand opening on November 26 with activities, cosplay, and games, along with goody bags and prizes.

Forbidden PLANet, in two flavors, is the UK’s largest comics channel. Forbidden Planet Hull will open in the Prospect Shopping Center on Prospect Street, HU2 8PW. Expect all the proper jokes, Hullblazer, Hullboy, To shell And Back, The Depths Of Hull, they’ve heard them all.

Kingston upon Hull, commonly shortened to Hull, is a port city and unitary authority in the East Riding of Yorkshire, formerly Humberside and sits on the River Hull, home to a population of around a quarter of a million. Founded in the 12th century by the monks of Meaux Abbey as an export port for their wool, it was originally known as Wyke on Hull, before being renamed Kings-town upon Hull in 1299. Over the years it has served as a market town, military supply port, trading center, fishing and whaling center and industrial hub. His local MP at the time, William Wilberforce, is one of the best-known campaigners for the abolition of the slave trade in Britain, and saw it successfully banned in British waters long before other comparable countries. Heavily hit by the Blitz during the Second World War, with 95% of the buildings damaged and the remaining 5% wondering what was wrong with them, Hull suffered a period of post-industrial decline, compounded when in 1974, an official in Whitehall decided they were no longer part of Yorkshire, but of something called Humberside. This went on for twenty-two years before it was reversed, and the citizens of Hull could become Yorkshiremen and Yorkshirewoman again. In 2017 it was the UK’s City of Culture and hosted the Turner Prize at the city’s Ferens Art Gallery. And now it becomes a forbidden planet. Their journey to cultural relevance is over.

Hull already has a comic book shop in the form of Amazing Fantasy which is literally across the train tracks. Hopefully FP’s presence will boost sales for the entire category. It also has a Bad Wolf Gaming store and a Geek Retreat store. And the day before the new Forbidden Planet opens, there will be a Hull Comic Con.

Bleeding Cool attempts to mark the passage of comic book stores as well as their opening. Existing fanbases are likely to lead to early exposure, but please let us know if a comic book store opens or closes in your neighborhood. Just email

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