FITC plans tech-focused staff promotion for MDAs


A technology-focused knowledge institute, the Financial Institutions Training Center, is championing the development and implementation of a technology-focused staff development exercise.

The exercise complements the performance management system in departments and agencies of ministries and other public sector entities.

In a statement released on Sunday, the Director General and Chief Executive Officer of FITC, Ms. Chizor Malize, said that over the past 20 years, the organization has successfully assisted ministries, departments, agencies and civil service regulators to implement a robust and technology-driven system. staff promotion process based on the globally recognized FITC assessment methodology that supports the government’s desire to achieve world-class public service.

“The FITC assessment-based personnel promotion methodology and tools ensure an unbiased assessment that adds value to organizations with an exceptional level of quality and professionalism. Beyond the assessment, the outcome of the FITC exercise identifies talent management issues and practical interventions to remedy or manage these issues for effective workforce management. These issues relate to recruitment, workforce planning or workforce planning (both for the number and quality of staff), career management, succession planning, organizational structure organizational structure, job design, staff-to-job fit, HR transformation, etc. Malize noted.

Further explaining, Malize said that part of the FITC staff evaluation methodology is an objective and thorough review of the organization’s review program or program.

“Part of the FITC staff assessment methodology is an objective and thorough review of the organisations’ exam program or curriculum to ensure that it is competency-based. Experience over the years has shown that most organizations have knowledge-based programs that require employees to read and pass the exam without adding value to their current job or new roles or promotion grades.

“This has further impacted the level of staff productivity and the competence of the workforce for effective staff performance. Invariably, there is no added value to the organization because either the performance stays the same or the employee struggles to perform at the next level when promoted. The FITC has therefore distinguished itself by introducing the competency-based assessment program for staff promotion. This ensures that public service employees are evaluated on their skills applicable to their job or their demonstrable skills for higher levels of responsibility.

“As the pandemic redefined learning, assessment and other talent management imperatives, FITC, as a technology and innovation driven organization, was prepared and well positioned for assessment. from a distance”

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