Elected officials react to possible promotion of police chief to US Marshals


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Local elected officials spoke to News 3 about the announcement of Police Chief Roy Minter’s appointment as U.S. Marshal for the Southern District of Georgia.

“Wow, how exciting to have the President of the United States nominate our Chief of Police for a federal nomination,” Savannah Mayor Van Johnson said.

Minter has served as Savannah’s police chief since 2018 and is now seeking to take over as U.S. Marshal for the Southern District of Georgia.

He would still serve the region but with greater responsibilities.

“With this kind of appointment, I hope Roy Minter can use his knowledge of Savannah to advance in this position with the US Marshals to be able to apprehend fugitives and you know how to serve the community in greater need,” the alderman said. Kurtis Purtee.

But others have yet to sign the nomination. There’s a confirmation process to go through if Minter gets the job, and what does that mean for the Savannah Police Department going forward?

“The city manager by charter is doing a search probably a national search for our police chief and we’re moving on,” Johnson said.

Moving forward at a difficult time. So far this year, Savannah has had 16 homicides. Consider whether internal or external hiring is best for the city.

“There are people inside and outside who could easily fill that role. Again, it’s the city manager’s role to determine that,” Johnson said.

“There are pros and cons to a nationwide search,” Purtee said. “The downside is that there would be someone who doesn’t know the area. The advantages are that you could bring someone with new ideas to the area. But we probably have candidates within the police department who would do a good job.


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