Eastside Arts Society Announces CREATE! Arts Festival


The Eastern Arts Society just announced the launch of CREATE! Arts Festival, an annual arts event that takes place in Woodland Park and various Eastside studios on the weekend of August 21-22.

“As the Eastside Culture Crawl celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and continues to gain popularity, we increasingly hear audiences express their desire to explore the process of artistic creation in meaningful ways directly with professional artists,” says Esther Rausenberg of EAS. in a press release.

“For many of our Crawlers,” she adds, “they want to see more than the finished artwork; they also want to experience how it is made and seek to participate in the creation process themselves. Public curiosity inspired us to develop a summer festival that offers unique and engaging opportunities to learn how to create art.

On August 21, the festival will feature 40 artistic creation workshops taught by 11 artists and held outdoors in Woodland Park (705 Woodland Drive), while on August 22, workshops will be held at Terminal City Glass Co-op (1191 Parker St.), the Mergatroid Building (975 Vernon Dr.) and Georgina Lohan Studio (1161 Parker St).

Enter the CREATE! The Arts Festival is limited to 10 registered participants per workshop due to COVID security protocols. The workshops cost $ 25 ($ 10 children) and you can register here.

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