Droitwich Arts Society folds after 40 years


ONE of the oldest art societies in Droitwich has folded for lack of enough members attending its sessions.

The 40-year-old Droitwich Arts Society had over 50 members when it opened in the 1980s, but only two members have attended in recent years.

The last two, Alan Davey and Kieth Uphill, had to make the difficult decision to close the evening art group.

Alan said, “Well, have you ever been to a meeting with only two people?

“It’s sad, and I take a step back and I think if I attended the group and saw that there were only two elderly people, I think I would go for something else.”

One of the main reasons for the group’s demise was the increased costs for experienced art lecturers in 2008.

To overcome this, in 2010 the group changed from its original evening art lectures to a creative workshop group.

But the effects of Covid have further reduced the group’s workforce.

“Covid has taken a chunk of energy from our age group – I’m weak, and a lot of people my age are weak.”

Droitwich has had no evening art classes since the group closed.

However, Alan offers the possibility for anyone who wants to take over the group and try to revive it to contact him.

He said there is a joint bank account with a small number of funds which can eventually be used to revive the club.

Call 01905 773289 to get in touch with Alan.


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