Dark Horse CPAs Announce Promotion of Scot Goldring to Director


You don’t have to go the old way of buying a practice and getting by trying to rebuild it the way you want or trying to build a clientele from scratch.

Dark Horse CPAs, a leading accounting and tax firm serving small businesses and individuals across the country, announces the promotion of Scot Goldring to Director. Scot’s exceptional client service to small businesses in the areas of tax and accounting has earned him a seat at the table, becoming one of the company’s largest shareholders.

Scot entered the Dark Horse Principal Accelerator program in November 2021 and quickly built 6-figure business volume, thanks to a combination of technical knowledge, substantial experience in public accounting and his ability to quickly establish relationships and trust with customers. Due to the quality of his work, the depth of his client relationships and his contributions to the firm and his colleagues, the decision has been made to promote him to Director effective May 2022.

Speaking about the challenges of the Accelerator program, Scot said, “The hardest part of the program was learning how to sell myself and the business to many potential customers while delivering on those promises and managing my time effectively. Collaborating with other Dark Horse Accelerators has been key to my growth and success in the program. When asked which element of the Accelerator program differed the most from his expectations, he explained, “I thought it would be harder to get prospects to believe in us. The stellar reputation that previous accelerators and directors have built for the company over the years has made it almost a hassle. Add to that the less than stellar experiences that most customers endure with other companies before finding us, it was much easier.

The advice Scot would give to those considering their options for setting up a practice is: “You don’t have to go the old way of buying a practice and getting by trying to rebuild it the way you want to or trying to build a customer base from scratch. If you excel in company customer service, the Accelerator program is a much more attractive and less expensive alternative. Going forward, Scot is excited to “continue to grow and refine my practice to optimize both profitability and work/life balance for myself and those I will hire to support my practice. Additionally, I look forward to being able to mentor future accelerators as the company continues to grow.”

“Scot has a lighthearted, warm, and friendly demeanor combined with a great sense of humor that people gravitate toward,” says Chase Birky, CEO and Co-Founder of Dark Horse CPAs. “And, he knows his stuff. He has a wealth of information and has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help his peers. It was no surprise to us that he was growing his business volume as quickly as he was doing. When you see how someone presents themselves day in and day out, you know how they treat customers. Needless to say, we knew his clients were in good hands.

About the Dark Horse Accelerator Program

The Dark Horse Principal Accelerator program was created for entrepreneurial-minded CPAs who want to build scalable business volume without the personal and financial sacrifices required to start a business from scratch. Dark Horse empowers its CPAs with the resources and support to grow smartly and profitably. Their proprietary technology, flexible staffing, and industry-leading systems and processes enable CPAs to focus on being their clients’ trusted advisor, unlocking unprecedented value in those relationships. , so they will continue to be relevant long into the future as their counterparts become increasingly technology-displaced.

Accelerators undergo a training program that acclimates them to the company’s proprietary technology stack, followed by proprietary business training and one-on-one coaching. At the end of the training, they begin to build their business portfolio by responding to requests from potential Dark Horse clients. To facilitate their growth, the accelerators have full and split-time professional support staff. A collaborative group of like-minded CPAs go the extra mile to help them in areas where they lack expertise. This new CPA firm business model includes an active corporate team that ensures its work is high quality and strategy driven. After successfully completing the program, they can become one of the major shareholders in the company.

The Dark Horse Core Accelerator Program is currently accepting new Accelerators. Interested CPAs are invited to explore the program further on Dark Horse’s recruitment site, abetterway.cpa or by emailing info@darkhorse.cpa

About Dark Horse CPAs

Dark Horse CPAs provide integrated tax, accounting, and CFO services to small businesses and individuals across the United States. The firm was founded to save small businesses (and their owners) from substandard accounting and tax services and substandard client experiences. These small companies are dark horses among their biggest and best-known competitors. Being a CPA Dark Horse means championing small businesses by providing tax strategies and accounting knowledge previously reserved for large corporations. To learn more, visit Darkhorse.cpa.

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