CUK launches Rachraav-eco-club, Tabsur-Biz talk for the promotion of entrepreneurship


CUK launches Rachraav-eco-club, Tabsur-Biz talk for the promotion of entrepreneurship

Posted by RK News on Saturday, October 1, 2022

Ganderbal, September 30: To promote and inculcate entrepreneurial culture and environmentalism among students, Department of Management Studies, Central University of Kashmir (CUK) in collaboration with The Village Academy and Mool, has launched two clubs Rachraav-eco-club and Tabsur-Biz Talk at the Saag ecological village here on Friday.
Speaking on the occasion, the Registrar, Prof. M Afzal Zargar, said that the main aim of organizing the event as part of a green entrepreneurial venture is to give students hands-on experience and knowledge about entrepreneurship and environmental protection. “In addition to the existing traditional classroom teaching-learning method that complies with NEP-2020 regulations, the university provides hands-on education to students in the field, enabling them to meet challenges and turn their dreams into reality. ” he said. Professor Zargar asked students to think outside the box and reinvent and recreate new things in their respective professional fields. He further instructed the students to work for the preservation of the dying culture and art of Kashmir and try to revive it, using modern techniques and technologies.
Addressing the gathering, Senior Assistant Professor Dr Mushtaq Ahmad Lone said aspiring entrepreneurs should be fully aware of preserving the ecology and surroundings when starting any business as has been made by the owners of the Saag Eco village. “The department, by organizing events such as these, makes every effort to educate and sensitize students, especially management graduates, to the challenges and difficulties an entrepreneur faces and how they approach them” , did he declare.
The founder of the Saag eco-village and the Mool sustainability research and training center, Mr. Fayaz Ahmad Dar, asked future entrepreneurs to turn every challenge and problem into an opportunity. “When you start a business, you will face immense problems and difficulties on all fronts, but the successful entrepreneur is the one who faces it with courage and turns his project into a success,” said Mr. Fayaz Dar . He said the Saag eco-village is an innovative concept where people from all over the valley come to relax and enjoy nature, adding that the huts and other infrastructure were built using traditional hatches, wood, mud and mats, showcasing the true essence of Kashmir culture and heritage.
The Coordinator, Rachraav-eco-club and Tabsur-Biz Talk, Dr. Mir Insha Farooq, while moderating the event, said the objective of the clubs would be to discuss and deliberate on the successes of entrepreneurs and the difficulties faced they were confronted by venturing into a particular business. “These clubs will organize regular activities to inform scholars and students about different entrepreneurial ventures and ways and means to undertake them to succeed,” she said. Sr Asst Prof. Dr. Zia ul Haq was also present on the occasion.
Assistant Professor Dr. Waseem Jehangir proposed the vote of thanks. Afterwards, the founder of the Saag eco-village, Mr. Fayaz Ahmad Dar, Ms. Insha Mir from EcoKash and Ms. Afshan Burza from the club shared their personal experiences of starting their businesses. Later, the School of Science team won first in the “Best Idea Generation” category.


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