Content Shifter: 6 scary series to stream


It’s Halloween season, time to recommend spooky TV. I wrote about past favorites like Ash vs Evil Dead, Darkplace by Garth Merenghi, Hannibal, Bates Motel and What we do in the shadows here before, so this year I dug deeper journalistically. I’m no hero, but feel free to refer to me as such.

Here are six streaming shows that will chill and/or tingle your spine while you ignore the tricks or treats in the dark.

Scream Queens (Hulu)

Scream Queensaired from 2015 to 2016 on Fox, was the most streamed television horror comedy already. With a killer core cast (including Jamie Lee Curtis, Billie Heavy and Emma Roberts at the peak of his glam-camp powers) and a dark comedic heart, it’s ryan murphyis the tightest no-american horror story production. Season 1 unleashes the slasher Red Devil on a college campus; Season 2, the Green Meanie in a hospital (done just enough common sense).

American Horror Stories (Hulu)

Speaking of Ryan Murphy, if you find his season american horror story somewhat exhausting arcs (we’ve all been there), the little terrors of his American Horror Stories the anthology series might be for you. Each episode tells a different story, beginning at AHSOriginal Murder House and concluding its second season with a double whammy of necrophilia and lake zombies. American Horror Stories is also way sexier than the original, if you like that.

String zero (quiver)

Based on creepypasta tales from the internet, the four-season anthology series String zero ran on Syfy from 2016 to 2018, and it got creepier and weirder with each installment. Candle Cove, endless house, butcher block and The door of dreams each makes the skin crawl in unique ways, and the six-episode novels circumvent the WTF? edge without crossing it. endless house in particular, it’s like a waking nightmare of personal insecurity and dread – start there.

When Portland Police Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Guintoli) learns that he is a descendant of the Grimms, a line of guardians who protect humans from supernatural monsters, an all-new version of Portlandia was born. Grimm ran for six seasons on NBC from 2011 to 2017, creating its own mythology while mixing Law and orderGerman folklore and a hint of buffy the vampire slayerdry humor. Not to be confused with minor fairy tale drama Once upon a time.

Do you remember WGN America? Salem was the cable channel’s first original in 2014, where it went virtually unseen due to Chicago Cubs fans’ general disinterest in 17th-century gothic drama. Salem stars Janet Montgomery as a powerful witch who keeps unsuspecting local Puritans busy with witch trials as she tends to summon Satan, to whom she will give her son to save her own life (great witch, not-so-great mom). Caution: Marilyn Manson does the theme song.

The diabolical first season of Bad aired on CBS without triggering a cancellation campaign from the religious right – perhaps they were distracted by Euphoria in 2019. The show then moved to Paramount+, where it only got scarier and heavier on the F-bombs. A Forensic Psychologist (Katja Herber), a priest in training (mike colter) and a technical expert (Aasif Mandvi) investigate demonic incidents, and you might as well binge Bad Because you are never will go back to sleep.

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