Comic-Con Hosts Faith-Based Events Led by Christian Comic Arts Society, Rooted Chronicles


Comic Con
Attendees walk on the convention floor at the Comic Con pop culture event in San Diego, California, July 22, 2011. |

Comic-con International: San Diego 2019 kicked off this week and invited again Christian Cartoon Society in the same way Rooted Chronicles to host exciting faith-based events.

Hailed as “the world’s greatest pop culture entertainment event,” Comic-con International: San Diego hosted 125,000 attendees per day and hundreds of thousands more are said to have attended related events downtown. from San Diego.

Comics, graphic novels, cartoons, manga, video games, toys and movies are not the only things that will be shared at the exhibition. CCAS and Rooted Chronicles are sure to make faith part of the creativity of those present. The CCAS was created 35 years ago to connect Christians interested or active in the field of comics / graphic novels. Rooted Chronicles was created to create, publish, and promote scripture-based stories.

Christian societies are hosting three events / mixers at comic-com to browse themes and thematic discussions about faith.

“Comic-Con International is an opportunity for both awareness and fraternity every year! FrontGate Media board member and CEO Scott A. Shuford told the Christain Post on Wednesday.

“After more than 20 years of participation, we have developed many relationships with pros and fans, and the CCAS Mixer, Spirituality in Comics and Christian Comics panels are among the most unique programs offered during the Con,” he said. -he declares.

During the mixes, Shuford said they were “giving out thousands of Bibles and leads, but more importantly, we will be talking to thousands of people through our booth and events where they can see and know the people who follow Jesus.” .

On Friday, CCAS will host its 12th annual mix where other Christian professionals in the fields of comic book entertainment and education can come together to discuss the faith, win prizes and socialize with other attendees. On Saturday, Comic-Con San Diego will present Spiritual Themes in Comics which will open a discussion about how spirituality influences themes in comics, television and movies. Finally Sunday, for the 22nd consecutive year, the CCAS will host a meeting open to Christian entertainment and education professionals to discuss their faith and the role it plays in their creative process.

More information on Comic-Con International: San Diego can be found at the website.


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