Comic Book Store Owner Explains Why Readers Buy Comics Before ‘The Batman’ Releases | Lehigh Valley Regional News


WHITEHALL TWP., Pa. — From the big screen to the store shelf, DC Comics’ Batman is back in the spotlight.

“My brother and my friend bought tickets last night to go see tomorrow night,” fan D’Angelo Urquiza said.

Superhero movies can lead to super comic book sales, as those like Urquiza head to stores like Comic Masters in Whitehall Township to get a fresh look at Dark Knight history.

“I kind of re-read and re-read some of that. I heard the director was inspired by it for future movies,” he said, flipping through the pages.

JAF Comics off Route 191 owner John Hohn says it’s not the famous superhero driving new sales, but characters often seen in the film’s final scene, after the credits.

“Usually it’s a new character or it’s someone that comic book readers have been reading forever that pops up and gets recognized. That’s where the hype comes from,” Hohn said.

Secondary characters featured in streaming service series like Hawkeye and Disney Plus’s The Mandalorian are comic book gold, as Hohn says fans want to read back stories while they watch the show.

And a show doesn’t even have to exist yet for those like Hohn to enjoy it.

Take the Star Wars character Yaddall, first featured in a comic that Hohn bought for 10 cents several years ago. It’s now worth $25 just because it’s thought a Yaddall series might be in the works.

“It’s literally found money for you,” I told him.

“Absolutely. That’s why I don’t mind leaving things in storage,” he said.

A great business plan for mere mortals.


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