City and Musical Arts Society help local food bank


The Wheatland County Food Bank received a donation of $ 1,500 through a partnership between the Strathmore Musical Arts Society (SMAS) and the Town of Strathmore on November 2nd.

In March 2020, the SMAS had started to organize the creation of a clip with several local groups.

The original idea was to present the video in concert, but due to the restrictions and disruption presented by COVID-19, the idea was dropped.

Instead, SMAS partnered with the Town of Strathmore and in return for the Town’s use of the “Sounds of the Prairies” video, the town would donate $ 1,500 to the local food bank.

“The Town of Strathmore and the Strathmore Musical Arts Society have collaborated using the Sounds of the Prairies video to support the community and provide entertainment in these trying times,” said Brooke Quinn, Director of Marketing at SMAS.

“Due to the fact that we couldn’t organize an event for the video, the city and SMAS worked together to help struggling artists and organizations like the food bank. This not only helps other nonprofits and charities, but it also helps residents of Strathmore and the area. ”

The fundraising concert featuring the Blake Reid Band and Over the Moon, originally scheduled for September, has been delayed due to lack of proper permissions. The concert was postponed and took place on November 6, with a 50/50 draw, with proceeds going to the Strathmore Overnight Shelter and the Wheatland & Area Hospice Society.

“We are a local nonprofit who love Strathmore and believe in supporting other local nonprofits and organizations to benefit everyone in the community. ”

The Strathmore Times contacted the Wheatland County Food Bank for comment on the donation, but did not receive a response until publication.

Quinn added while she wasn’t able to say precisely how far the donation would go, she felt it would be a big boon for the food bank to use.

“We believe the $ 1,500 will have a huge impact on people who struggled to make ends meet during COVID-19,” Quinn said.


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