Burnsville Visual Arts Society removes paint on police murders


Annie Young: cause of death: implicit bias (2018)

Earlier this year, the Burnsville Visual Arts Society (BVAS), a small, nonprofit, volunteer run arts organization in Burnsville, Minnesota, has launched an open call for its members to submit their work for their “Art Fete” exhibition (May 9 – 14 June) held at the Burnsville Luxury Civic Center. art and performance space, the Ames Center. But, despite the fact that he won a merit award in a pre-show judgment, a painting of Annie Young which tackles the difficult subject of police violence against people of color has proven too controversial to display. Some BVAS board members demanded that Young remove it; she had the opportunity to hang another work instead.

The painting, titled cause of death: implicit bias, incorporates pieces of text, including quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and civil rights lawyer Benjamin crump, who asks, “How many more black men will be killed by police officers before real change is implemented in the way America controls communities and people of color?”

Young, a painter with a hereditary disease that made her blind, usually paints flowers. She works as an inspirational lawyer and speaker, and is a former member of the US Air Force. As a mother of biracial children, news of police violence against people of color hit near her home, and she created her painting as a way to open a discussion about this ongoing issue. She has since described her intentions in her job and the experience of being censored on his website.

In a letter urging the board to restore the work in the exhibit, Joy Garnett, advocacy associate at the NCAC, says that “the allegations of infringement do not in themselves justify the censorship of the works. of art, and in this age of intense political polarization, many works of art can be offensive to someone’s point of view.

The full NCAC letter to the Burnsville Visual Arts Society Board of Trustees can be read below. Click here for a full screen view:

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