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“…a meditation…on the score and its relationship to the immigrant experience…”

—Brandon Yu, San Francisco Chronicle, 2017

Discover the beauty of belonging with the upcoming performance The broken seeds still grow, created by Nadhi Thekkek and Rupy C. Tut. This exquisite and revelatory show takes you through the journey of the partition of 1947 British India whose effects and parallels we still see to this day. Join us in the experience and growth of the last 75 years of Partition through this performance of Bharatanatyam dance, mixed visual media, spoken word and more. The depth and creativity of this special has created a universal platform that everyone can relate to. The American immigrant experience is one that impacts so many areas of life, and that impact is truly felt through this production.

Thekkek and Tut showcase their dance and visual arts skills on stage through this moving and impactful performance. The story of the greatest mass migration in history is not known to many, but it should be, and Tut and Thekkek share it so movingly. Both touch on how our society has “Struggle to develop empathy across political, cultural, racial and religious divides; this creative inquiry can create a unique space for a discourse on how internal personal biases and openly hateful rhetoric can affect the community as a whole. (Rupy C. Tut and Nadhi Thekkek). Listening to and experiencing this performance directly or indirectly connects the story of Partition – so many cultures and families have been affected by some type of partition or migration, and these experiences can be channeled through this performance, connecting us through our humanity shared and give so many people a place to belong and feel a great sense of community.

See The broken seeds still grow at the Bankhead Theater in downtown Livermore on Saturday, August 27 at 3 p.m. Adult tickets range from $60 to $20, students (21 and under) are only $10, and seniors (55 and over) are only $20. Click here to get tickets today

Groups of five or more save 20% on regular adult tickets – contact us to arrange your group seating.


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