Book Revue, beloved bookstore in Huntington about to close



Reports say court documents show the retailer is being evicted.

Beloved Huntington Village Bookstore Evicted by Owner for Failure to Pay Rent, Says a story published in Newsday.

Known to be the largest independent bookstore still in existence on Long Island, even in the face of the threat from online retailers like Amazon, Book Review holds a special place in the hearts of many local readers.

The owner of the building has filed court documents indicating that the owners of the store owe them a refund of rent, according to the Newsday article.

A post on Newsday’s Facebook page said: “Book Revue owner Richard Klein said the store was closed for three months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, adding that once it had reopened, business was slow and just getting back to normal. “

The Book Revue often features author talks and book autographs on a variety of book topics. Alan Alda, Michael Crichton, Jodi Picoult and Joyce Carol Oates are among the many prominent writers who have visited Book Revue. This list also includes celebrities, former presidents and star athletes.

The store at 313 New York Ave is scheduled to close in September.

Book Revue has been around since 1977. There has been an outcry from customers online saying the store closure would be tragic, the news is terrible, and that the library is “vital for the community. “



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