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February 8: Awaraj is a small start-up run by top freelancers who offer social media management services, such as Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing and Google Marketing to businesses of all sizes. We understand that every social media platform is unique and our experienced professionals know how to run your campaigns across different platforms to build brand awareness, promote products and services, and generate leads for you.

Although Awaraj was only founded in 2017, its client list includes:

  • Nisha Jamwal; a renowned socialite and interior designer (who works for elite clients like Lisa Ray and Zeenat Aman)
  • Shri Rawat pura Sarkar University, Chattisgarh
  • Vrindavan Today; A monthly magazine
  • Aryan Art Gallery, one of Delhi’s largest art galleries

While money is important to any business, Awaraj’s work culture has a social conscience. We provide technical support to organizations working on social causes such as Yamuna Bachao Andolan and Anti-Corruption Events.

Breaking down borders!

Awaraj was founded by Km. Bhumendrapal Singh, the scion of the Royal House of Awagarh, UP. He is a webmaster by profession and currently runs Awaraj of Awagarh Farms in Agra as a creative head. He has over 15 years of experience as a web designer and webmaster.

As a web designer, he says, “I love anything visual. As a freelance web designer, I’ve worked with my clients to bring their business/concept online, make their website work for them, and get their message across.

As a webmaster, he offers:

  • Online and offline brand promotion and marketing,
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
  • Graphic design,
  • social marketing,
  • web engineering,
  • CGI Programming,
  • Content development, and more.

Apart from Bhumendra, Awaraj currently has a strong team of over 50 highly trained and experienced professionals who can offer you fast and long term results. These professionals have extensive knowledge of web packages and software; have experience in the development and maintenance of websites or web portals, and have years of experience in programming and project management.

Many of our associates work with IT and digital marketing giants and have worked with some of the largest and most renowned companies and organizations. We have selected hand-picked domain experts to form a team that can offer you instant services, on-site service guarantee, and unlimited customizations without the constraints of traditional digital marketing companies.

We have simpler processes for fixing trivial issues, our services are affordable and we are very responsive. We can tweak your website or make major changes to it to:

  • Do it better,
  • Make it more user-friendly,
  • Make it more searchable on Google and other major search engines (depending on the country where your target customers are based),
  • Better present your products and services,
  • Help you reach and engage your target audience,
  • Generate valuable leads for you that are easily converted into sales, and
  • Generate profits for you.

And we do it ethically. We follow SEO and SMO best practices and follow Google Webmaster guidelines closely. This means that we provide you with slow but steady growth that will continue to benefit you over the long term.

About Bhumendra Pal Singh

Kr. Bhumendra Pal Singh is the prince of the royal family of Awagarh. His grandfather Raja Balwant Singh is best known for his love of education and his contributions to society. He established the famous RBS College in Agra which is the largest college in Asia.

Bhumendra was educated at Daly College, Indore and M.Com from St. John’s College, Agra, a sister company of St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. He also took the GNIIT course in computer programming.

You can contact him for more details at: His property includes Awagarh Fort which will soon be open to tourists.



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