Art in the Park at the Oakville Arts Society


The Oakville Art Society was founded in 1965 to provide facilities and an environment where local artistic skills could be developed and to encourage appreciation of art. On a hot summer day, the accomplished artists of the OAS opened their doors and brought out their artwork, hanging it on the fence around the famous “Cottage in Coronation Park”, where passers-by could admire the work – and maybe make a small purchase. .

Art in the Park Oakville was born.

Now, 57 years later, Art in the Park Oakville is considered by many to be one of Ontario’s finest fine art exhibits. It has grown to include over 180 artist booths, a beer garden, and food and ice cream trucks. The show always takes place on a holiday Monday in August, and the artists prepare long and hard for this day.

The artists are chosen for their originality and their mastery of the chosen medium. All mediums are represented, from traditional oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings to glass, ceramics, photography, mixed media, sculpture, carpentry, fine jewelry and digital art.

Bronte Village is changing, but the art and artistic spirit is alive and well to this day. While many artists are local, exhibitors have come from as far away as Europe and South Africa to show and sell their works. To appreciate the beauty of their art, you just have to walk between the kiosks.

Many artists will demonstrate in their booths, drawing, painting or sketching, and far from the atmosphere of a commercial gallery, which can be intimidating for some, these creative people are approachable and open to conversation.

The sheer variety of artwork, shapes and colors can sometimes be dazzling. Don’t worry, several rest areas are set up to take a break and have a drink, sort through the many business cards, brochures and photos you’ve taken, and spend a nice day among the artists.

Come join us!

Art in the Park Oakville takes place Monday, August 1 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Bronte Waterfront Heritage Park in Oakville. Admission is $5.00 for adults, which supports the programs of the Oakville Art Society, a charitable organization. Art in the Park is a family event; bring the whole family. Pets are welcome.

For more information, call the Oakville Art Society, 905-827-5711, or email [email protected]Where [email protected]


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