Abu Dhabi Arts Society will organize programs that build tolerance


Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Arts Society plans to organize programs and workshops among young people that reinforce and use the values ​​of tolerance, Dr. Hamed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Abu Dhabi Arts Society (ADAS) said.

“Day after day, the United Arab Emirates rightly prove that it is a homeland of tolerance and coexistence, full of principles of decent life, values ​​of justice, stability, equality and respect for others” , he told the media. “The UAE has been able to promote the values ​​of tolerance, coexistence and human solidarity among various segments of society by consolidating a culture of openness, civilized dialogue, rejecting all manifestations of discrimination, intolerance and intellectual closure, which have led our country to become an example for all nations who wish for progress and development, and occupied the first places among the countries which adopted the approach of tolerance at different national, regional levels and global, ”added Dr Al Suwaid.

He also added: “We cannot forget the role of the founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who believed in the value of tolerance and made the UAE a regional and world capital for coexistence and cultural convergence as it was and remains the source of inspiration that encourages the whole world to do charitable and humanitarian works and its importance in the rapprochement between cultures and peoples.

Dr Hamed Al Suwaidi concluded: “We are currently planning to organize programs and workshops that qualify young people, improve and use the values ​​of tolerance using the latest technology to help them be active, creative and productive individuals in their societies, able to choose their priorities and meet challenges, with the aim of strengthening the UAE’s global role in coexistence, cultural and civilizational convergence, seeing tolerance as a set of positive values ​​that our world needs today to lay the foundations for security, peace, prosperity and stability for all the peoples of the world.

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