A local bookstore and publishing house gives authors creative and financial freedom


LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) — An independent bookstore is reshaping authors’ traditional paths to publication.

Wild Lark, just off Broadway, gives authors back creative and financial freedom while providing a quiet space for readers.

When authors try to publish their book, they either self-publish, which means more creative freedom but a small audience, or they hire an agent who can tailor their book to a wider market.

Founder Brianne van Reenen found a way around this.

“Imagine a new way of doing it that empowers both parties and really builds a partnership and relationship between author and publisher, as it should be,” van Reenan said. “An author risks a lot in his art with the publisher he chooses to make known to the world.”

With a background in marketing, his freelance publishing work gives authors complete creative freedom, an extensive network, and the bulk of the profits.

“His book was already in Germany, in the UK, so the reach is global. And the system, the system is there, the readership is there and the community is very supportive,” van Reenan said.

The bookstore doubles as a reading lounge, where people can slow down. They also organize events.

“The authors who work on their manuscripts before publishing them are often here to work on them and have tea, and so you never know who you’ll meet and what kind of community, friendship and conversation you’ll experience in a bookstore,” van Reenan said.

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