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BUCYRUS – Comedians, graphic novel buffs, and gamers take heart – one of North Central Ohio’s best comic book stores just got a little better.

MB Subculture, which opened in Bucyrus in 2013, moved into the old Capital 5 cinema building in Ohio 4 on the south end of town on Tuesday, and owners Matt Feck and Betsy Gerhart are delighted that their store becomes much more than they ever dreamed it would be. .

Very soon, the store will add the auditorium and cinema to its list of titles.

“Sooner or later we’ll have pinball machines here as well,” Gerhart said on Friday as she walked through the new site. “That will be nice.”

The new duo met on the set of a play in 2004, and quickly became friends. They realized that their mutual love for the theater extended to comics, costumes, movies and more. Opening the comic book store on Warren Street made sense to both of them.

“After a year and a half, we moved to our next location on Sandusky Avenue,” said Feck. “We also got past that. We moved here to do bigger and better things.”

The building has been vacant for the past three years. The previous tenant was a church, and now Feck and Gerhart are busy converting the space into what they hope will be an entertainment store. They plan to make one of the building’s five cinemas available to the public by 2019, where they will show both old and new films of all types.

“Two (of the theaters) have been combined into one, which we’re going to use as a stage for live theatrical performances,” Feck said.

One of the empty cinemas will soon be an event hall, where owners will host conventions, parties and other special events.

“We’re going to do events like LARPs,” Gerhart said of the live role-playing game, a game in which participants take on the roles of a character. “Anything we can do to fundraise.”

They will also be using the room for a day of VHS exchange, as well as their annual Comic Book Day.

“We plan to have something going on all the time,” Feck said.

The store itself offers something for just about everyone. They sell theatrical makeup and masks of all types.

“There are a lot of mask collectors out there,” Feck said. “It’s not just for Halloween.”

Gerhart makes custom costumes, and the couple have a wide selection of costumes they loan to Ohio comedians.

“We have several high schools that rent costumes for their musicals and plays,” Feck said.

Several local artists also sell paintings, sculptures, lamps and other items in the store – the owners never know exactly what their artists will bring next, but they encourage them to keep a large and plentiful selection.

Despite its vast inventory, the store’s key offering remains the hundreds of comics that circulate through its doors every week. People are traveling from all over Ohio to see what new selections Gerhart and Feck have to sell.

“We get new comics every Wednesday,” Feck said.

It’s the first-hand knowledge of the owners of each of their comics that customers seem to prefer. Bucyrus’ Trevor McCarthy said on Friday he always asks Feck and Gerhart if they would recommend anything.

“They’re always super nice,” McCarthy said. “They always have something to tell you. They know customer service and they are good at it.”

He’s also excited to see what theatrical performances the store will offer in the years to come. He has been a fan of owner performance for a long time.

“Their games are just amazing,” said McCarthy. “They did ‘Rocky Horror’ – it was just crazy. It was entertaining and fun at the same time.”

And it’s the satisfaction of helping those who love the industry as much as themselves that motivates Gerhart and Feck to continue to make MB Subculture one of the best comic book stores in the state.



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