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By Dwayne Wilder For the Herald Democrat

A fire in Kelly Square on Halloween in 2021 moved stores inside the downtown Sherman landmark, but one is rising from the ashes.

Wolverine Comics will reopen on July 1 where the owners want to be in downtown Sherman.

“There are still a lot of details to put together, but we’ve signed the lease,” said Beth Ward, who along with her husband, Wayne, owns the comic book and memorabilia store. “We come back from our ashes”

The new location is at 212 North Crockett Street behind Chase Bank, a few blocks and one block from its previous location. The storefront was a long-running motorcycle clothing and accessories store.

There is already a sign in the window indicating what is coming.

“We love the location…lots of visibility with glass windows,” said Beth Ward. “There is a large parking lot. »

According to Wayne Ward, the new store will have 1,200 square feet of space, nearly twice the size of the Kelly Square site. He added that there will be all new items in the new store.

“Everything in Kelly Square (and the fire) has been sold,” Wayne Ward said. “We are really starting over. We’ll have new comics and back issues, cool supplies, t-shirts and statues too.

Additionally, the store will feature graphic novels, collectibles, pops, manga, and anime books. The couple will also buy collections – no collection is “too small or too big”.

The Wards said they never wanted to close the original location, but the fire had other plans. Business was good, they noted.

“It was under construction, and we want to continue that growth,” Beth Ward said. “I don’t think we were able to reach everyone we wanted to. We only opened eight months in Kelly Square.

Sherman officials are excited to have any of the relocated stores returning, especially downtown.

“We’re always thrilled when a store opens in Sherman. This fire has been devastating and we love to see the stores come back from it,” Sherman Mayor David Plyler said. “We’re thrilled for them and for us. We’re glad they decided to stick with Sherman, especially downtown, it’s a popular store.

The Wards operated a comic book store in Garland for three years before moving to Sherman in 2021 to get away from what they called a rat race.

“We wanted to get out of the big city. We loved Texoma during our visit. There is a big difference,” Beth Ward said. “We love people and Texoma is one of the best. Wayne has loved comic books since he could read, and he can relate to new and established readers and collectors. Comic people like to talk about comics, and Wayne likes to talk about comics too.

The new location will be open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Friday and will open an hour earlier on Saturday. Grand opening events are taking shape with more information to come, according to the owners.

Visit http://www.facebook. com/wolverinecomics for more information on the new store opening.


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