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Elves of the 100 Mile Performing Arts Society include (left to right): Melissa Hermiston, Vincent Collins, Sandy Gallagher and Courtney Driver, in front. (Photo submitted)

100 Mile Performing Arts Society elves spread Christmas cheer

Costumed artists will be taking fun photos of the area until Christmas.

The 100 Mile Performing Arts Society looks to spread Christmas cheer in December with a series of fun elf-themed photo ops.

This new initiative was curated by the new president of the company, Courtney Driver, after it was decided at their November meeting that they wanted to bring some joy to the community. Driver said that they currently cannot put on any shows or be in real public, it has been decided that a group of performers will come out dressed as elves and take funny photos around 100 Mile House and 108 Mile Ranch.

From December 1 until Christmas Day, these photos will then be posted on the company’s Facebook page to everyone’s joy.

Their filming locations included the South Cariboo Business Center, 108 Elementary, the 100 Mile Curling Club, the skate park and more, Driver said. The photos feature a quartet of elves and sometimes children in their COVID-19 bubble, she added.

“I want people to go be a part of our community on our 100 Mile Performing Arts Facebook page and see where we’ve been. It’s kind of like an elf idea on the shelf, just to make people smile, ”Driver said.

Watch the latest Elves photoshoot on Facebook via the 100 Mile Performing Arts Society Facebook page or on Instagram at 100 Mile PAS. Driver said they plan to have another online style event in the New Year and wished the community a safe and happy holiday season.

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